How can one have confidence in oneself without questioning what was imposed originally? At puberty, youth discovers the new forms of the body, but still ignores the pleasures of physical love. Where then, is the evil denounced by ? Number 6, on the contrary retains the innocence the adult had lost. He is enthusiastic, young, conquering and seductive in spite of himself. And life is so beautiful! He wants to plunge into it, lose himself in it…until the day he discovers the world is quite different place from the one he thought he had created. Reality is so deceiving! He wonders, questions his roots.

He must act quickly and offer - even demand - changes, and turn everything upside down. But on what grounds? So he loses confidence in himself. Farewell beautiful ideal! Number 6 needs a supple context that will make him feel secure and help his takeoff; he also needs it as a safe haven when in times of trouble. He will analyze a situation very well in all its details, but will not be able to make a synthesis. He will saturate the questions until doubt settles in, and eventually jealousy. He will reach his full performance only when he has the answers to all the « whys » and « how’s » of his questions. Always in need of recharging his strength, he lives by encouragements only. Prone to speaking, he will exhaust himself in a logorrhea on the quintessence of form, beauty, colors and esthetics, « Ah…! Beauty ! »